Golden Circle, Iceland

The Golden Circle is probably one of the biggest tourist attractions in Iceland. It’s a route in southern Iceland that covers Þingvellir (Thingvellir), a geothermal area that has geysers Geysir and Strokkur, and Gullfoss Waterfall. We booked a tour through Extreme Iceland that brought us to these three locations, as well as a couple stops along the way. I liked Extreme Iceland tours because they operate in small groups of probably less than 20 people. It seemed more personal, instead of getting crammed in a huge tour bus with 50+ strangers. However, I would definitely recommend getting a rental car for the Golden Circle if you’re looking to spend more time at each location. The one downfall of the tour was not being able to take our time and explore the different paths they offered at each location and always feeling rushed. I would absolutely LOVE to go back and explore some more.

Þingvellir National Park houses the national parliament of Iceland, and also it is where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet.

It was a gloomy day, but it was so beautiful there. You could see miles of land, lake, and mountains from all around. We were able to walk down a path to see a couple of different things but altogether, only spent about 20 minutes here. We left for the geysers shortly after.

I’ve seen geysirs before so this one wasn’t particularly exciting for me, but it was still awesome and awesome to see it. It has always been a mystery to me how these things occur naturally. This one, Strokkur, erupts every 6-10 minutes. Next on our tour was Gullfoss, which literally translates to “Golden Waterfall”.

Gullfoss was so beautiful. It was my favorite stop on the trip. It was unfortunate that it was so windy! I didn’t know seeing a waterfall on top of a waterfall was on my bucket list until I came here.
On our way back to Reykjavik, our tour guide made a stop to see some Icelandic horses! Fun fact: once a horse leaves Iceland for whatever reason – to compete or to work in another country – they are not allowed back in Iceland. The race is so pure that they won’t risk any kinds of disease to come into the country. They were so friendly, fluffy, and cute.

The Golden Circle is a MUST see in Iceland! But, it wasn’t my favorite tour that we did. Stay tuned for the next…


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