Iceland 2017

The last five days have been busy. Real busy. My boyfriend and I took a quick trip to Iceland and tried to pack in as many sights, smells, foods, and feels as possible. And trust me, I got the feels about Iceland. There must be something in that sulfer water and glacier air because I did not want to leave at all. 

The weather was great for February so we were able to see a lot of the sights around Reykjavik. We toured the golden circle, walked inside a glacier, watched ice cream being made right in front of our eyes, met some locals, and had a wonderful time. And although I didn’t get to try any whale or puffin, I did try falafel for the first time, had the best lobster soup of all time, and arguably the best sushi, hotdog, chocolate croissant and hummus I’ve ever had. We were even able to drop in at CrossFit Reykjavik to keep up with our lifting schedule we have back home. 

I’ll have to write separate posts about each of the tours at a later date, but I’m too excited to wait on some of the pictures. Here are some of the highlights (taken on my new Canon EOS M5):


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