My best friend and I have a sort of farfetched dream to quit our jobs and start our own doughnut shop. It’s funny, because neither of us have ever made doughnuts before – we’ve just eaten them. And, we don’t bake often enough to call ourselves bakers either.

We live in New England, and the doughnut shops here are limited – meaning, Dunkin Donuts is the easiest and quickest access to a fluffy pastry. We’ve traveled to Portland, ME, and Boston, MA for doughnuts, but driving 1-1.5 hours for a treat isn’t exactly doable all the time; especially in the winter.

And, speaking for myself, I’m not particularly passionate about accounting. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever done and I actually find it slightly enjoyable, but it’s not my passion. I’m not sure if doughnuts are my passion either, but let’s just say that I’ve never been mad after eating one.

So, my best friend got me a doughnut pan for Christmas. Cue the applause and cheering. I can finally follow my dreams!

I followed a recipe for baked maple bacon doughnuts I found online. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I’m no maple bacon expert, but I do know how they are supposed to taste – and this wasn’t it. Don’t get me wrong – they were delicious – just not what I was going for. They did make for delicious looking pictures though.

img_0732*They turned out like mini cakes because clearly, I don’t know how to use my doughnut panimg_0733

So join me, on my quest, to learn how to use my doughnut pan, perfect my maple bacon doughnut recipe, quit my job, and open a doughnut shop. I don’t know if 2017 can handle all this. Let’s hope we doughnut fail.


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