Bit Bar, Salem MA

We visited Bit Bar on New Years Day while in Salem, MA. I would’ve included in my previous post, but it was so awesome that I had to make a separate post about it. Bit Bar is located in the Old Salem Jailhouse at 50 Saint Peter Street, Salem MA. Glancing at the name and the look from the outside, it may just look like an ordinary bar, but once you walk in, you’ll see that it’s not. You’re transformed into another world you probably haven’t seen since your childhood. Lined up against the walls are a bunch of old school arcade games that include Ms. Pac-Man, Tetris, Donkey Kong, various pinball machines, and more.


If that’s not enough to interest you, how about a doughnut burger? The menu theme is “new-comfort” and believe me, it was. I wish I was hungry enough to try it all – but alas, I had my eyes set everything doughy.

img_0871The menu was different than your average bar menu. They really took that extra step in creating something special and worth your time and money. My boyfriend and I both settled for the Elk Burger, which came with smoked cheddar and bacon served on a Doughssant with black garlic icing. img_0893
It was also very cute that they had theme cocktails as well! We didn’t get any, but they all sounded delicious. img_0869
While we were waiting, we were able to play with the Tetris themed light.
And the moment you’ve been waiting for…
Behold – the Elk Burger with doughnuts as buns. And also, the instagram king/self proclaimed foodie taking a picture of his burger. He’s adorable, right? img_0890
And if doughnut burgers weren’t enough, we decided on doughnuts for dessert too.
Doughssant with maple bourbon bacon frosting and orange jam. They were delicious, sweet, with a dollop (or two) of bourbon on top. img_0810

If you’re in or around the Salem area, stop by Bit Bar. You won’t be disappointed. We will definitely be back in the near future!


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