Salem, Massachusetts

On New Years Day, my boyfriend and I stopped by Salem, MA on our way home from Newport. It was our first time -and it was absolutely charming. The historic New England/small town feel was definitely present. It’s now on my list of places to go in the fall. I hear it gets crazy busy in October, but I think all the witchcraft museums and haunted tours/events would be cool to visit at least once. So, stay tuned for a post later in the year!

If you’ve ever seen the movie Hocus Pocus, you’ll recognize some of the photos below. If you haven’t, I highly recommend seeing it as soon as possible. It’s one of those movies I could watch all the time, even though its Halloween themed. Along with our Hocus Pocus tour are some pictures of gems we found along the way.

img_0761Above is the Rope’s Mansion, or more commonly known as “Allison’s house” from Hocus Pocus. You can find this at 318 Essex Street, Salem MA. I’m not sure if you can tour the inside, as it’s owned by the Peabody Essex Museum, but the back garden is open for visitors.
img_0862The first thing we saw was this little box. It was the perfect touch to a secluded little garden. Inside housed a handful of classic novels that we glanced at for a little bit, but didn’t take one home with us.
img_0764img_0858img_0866img_0854img_0775Next, we walked over to the Witch House. I’m not big into superstition, but there was something eerie about the house. Maybe the fact that it didn’t have windows like you would see on any of the houses today. Or maybe the fact that the number of the house is 310 and 1/2.
img_0881img_0774img_0875img_0826img_0926Another Hocus Pocus sight – the Old Town Hall in Derby Square – found at 161 Essex Street. If you remember from the film, this is where Bette Midler sang her famous rendition of “I Put A Spell on You”.
img_0920img_0923Another Peabody Essex Museum owned sight – Stickwork: Patrick Dougherty. I actually had no idea what these were until my boyfriend explained it to me. Dougherty weaves and bends saplings into structurally sound sculptures that strongly resemble birds nests upon first glance, and homes upon second glance. The Stickwork exhibit is available until March 31, 2017.

A quote from his thought process, “At first blush it might remind them of a birds nest. But as reverberations take place, you go from the natural world and things you felt – your first kiss – to the art, the shape, the drawn quality, the animation in the surface.”

img_0914img_0941img_0939img_0930img_0944img_0943And our last Hocus Pocus stop of the day – Max and Dani’s house. This can be found at 4 Ocean Avenue, Salem MA. Most sites I read said that the house was in Beverly, and it may be in Beverly, but when typed into our GPS, it brought us to a completely different location. So if you’re on the hunt for this house, try searching for it in Salem if you find yourself completely lost.

Overall, visiting Salem was a great time, even in the winter. It’s too bad that most of the museums were either not open during this time of year, or closed because of the Holiday, but I’ll definitely be going back.


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