Meet Rookie

Backstory: when I was in 3rd grade, my best friend at the time had cats. One of them scratched me, and ever since then, I’ve had a vendetta against them. What kind of evil animal goes around scratching people who just want to pet them?!

I never wanted a cat.
I never had any intentions on owning a cat.
I’m actually allergic to some cats.
Somehow, I ended up living with three cats.
Meet Rookie.

He’s annoying.
He’s persistent.
He sheds on EVERYTHING.
He chews plastic bags.
He walks real slow.
And he sleeps probably 20 hours a day.
Rough life.

I’ve also never been more in love with a furry little feline until I met Rookie.

How could anyone not love this adorable face?

Since day one, Rookie has pretended like he belonged to me. He waits at my door patiently – waiting for me to open it, he follows me to the bathroom and down the hall, and sits at the dinner table with me when I eat (although, truthfully, that’s probably because he wants my food). He loves me even when I want nothing to do with him, and loves me even when I accidentally drop him.

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this ball of fluff, but I’m sure glad he made his way into my life.


I fear I’ve turned into a crazy cat lady, but I can’t help it anymore. The world must know how handsome this little fella is!


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